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Kenya: FJN condemns the massacre of Christian students.

Country overwhelmingly Christian, Kenya is since four years regularly targeted by Islamist Shebab came from neighboring Somalia

At least 147 people, mostly students, were killed in the attack by an Islamist commando shebab against the University of Garissa in eastern Kenya

After taking hostage of 400 students, they have as usual been sorting between Christians and Muslims to keep captive Christians many of whom were massacred before the onslaught of the police.

In a year and half, 350 people were killed in Kenya in various attacks by Islamist Shebab 67 in the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi (September 2013), a hundred in raids that have bloodied the coastal villages (in June-July 2014), 28 dangerous "intellectuals", that is to say teachers in a bus (last November), 147 students at least on the campus of the University of Garissa Thursday ... The country has experienced more than 130 attacks in recent years, this punishment for his intervention in Somalia.

Since the attack, five people were arrested, according to the Interior Minister Joseph Ole Nkaissery. The Kenyan government and its president Uhuru Kenyatta promised they will not leave "intimidated by terrorists."

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