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Lemba Heritage Foundation LHF : Meeting

The 4th of April 2015 at Bhuba Holiday Resort in Limpopo this historic event will take place. <img2| >

We are Jewish by tradition, but with a culture that predates the arrival in Africa of our brother and sister Jews from Europe : compelling evidence show that the Lemba community originate in a Jewish tribe which split from the Main Group.

For centuries, our sages and elders have played a role in the struggle to bring the Lemba recognition and standing in Africa.

Today we take that legacy forward.

If you haven’t heard of the Lemba, don’t be surprised : our commitment to peace, and harmony with humanity — regardless of faith or race

— means we rarely make headlines.

Lemba communities are thirsty for support, knowledge and acceptance (sometimes even for water itself, depending on where they live).

The Lemba Heritage Foundation or LHF has a mission to guide and serve the Lemba community and to share our heritage with the next


But LHF programs are also designed to return our Lemba to the laws and traditions of Judaism after 4000 years of isolation. We are eager to

reconnect and expand our knowledge, study our history and adopt the customs and ways of the Torah and — not once a week or at

religious festivals — but implement it into our daily rituals and lives in intention thought and action.

We recognize that for us to become an integral part of the Jewish world, we are to embrace the laws and tradition of Judaism.

The 10 objectives of the LHF are to :

1. Promote among its members the Lemba/Jewish culture and ritual

2. Create an environment of unity and support for Lemba groups in South Africa and beyond

3. Act as a conduit for the views of our members

4. Raise funds for our work

5. Co-operate with fraternal organisations everywhere

6. Partner with Lemba, Jewish and all other business to create a sustainable LHF

7. Offer help to destitute Lemba communities

8. Create an environment for worship and study

9. Build a fund for tertiary scholarships

10. Finally, to attract Lemba intellectuals who can provide leadership to our people

LTF is a Non-Profit Organisation, strictly audited to ensure the budget is spent for the good of our people, and all 12 clans of the Lemba will

be represented on the executive council. We clear programs to help Lemba women’s groups, youth groups, our arts and culture and to

advance the Lemba Jewish Learning institute.

The Lemba have a song to sing, and we join in chorus with Jewish groups around the world and welcome their skills.

Shalom !

Gabriel Malaka and Nick Selamolela



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