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Racism in South Africa

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini. “We are requesting those who come from outside to please go back to their countries.
Addressing the community of uPhongolo, KwaZulu-Natal on Friday, King Goodwill Zwelithini expressed his disappointment in government leaders who he claims have remained mum on this issue, reported The Citizen

In his address he expressed his opinion on the ‘influx of foreign nationals’ that he said was making it difficult for locals to get jobs as they have to compete with foreign nationals in the job market. “We are requesting those who come from outside to please go back to their countries. I know you were in their countries during the struggle for liberation. But the fact of the matter is you did not set up businesses in their countries,”

He also lashed out at South African leaders whom he said where not addressing this issue for political reasons,“Most government leaders do not want to speak out on this matter because they are scared of losing votes. I cannot tolerate a situation where we are being led by leaders with no views whatsoever,” he said.

The Zulu king’s remarks have however sparked a lot of debate and criticism and have been termed reckless considering that they are coming from an influential leader in South Africa. The DA, the ruling ANC’s main opposition party was quoted by the Drum magazine as saying the King’s comments are “highly irresponsible” as they come in the wake of a series of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
Source : The Citizen

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