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Harare Lemba Synagogue. By Moredreck Maresera

Guershon Nduwa to Teach at Three Month Lemba Jewish Learning Institute in Harare, Zimbabwe

We are pleased to announce that Guershon Nduwa, president of FJN (Fédération des Juifs Noirs de France) will be full-time resident teacher at a three month intensive Jewish learning institute at the Harare Lemba Synagogue and Guest House starting in early March. Kulanu, which supports isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world, has given the community a grant to conduct this seminar. 15 men and women will study full-time and 9 more will study part time as part of the seminar. The curriculum will include Hebrew reading, Hebrew prayers and synagogue skills, Jewish holidays and life cycle events, Torah study, Shabbat, Jewish dietary laws, and related topics. The graduates of this seminar will play a key role in helping strengthen the Lemba Jewish community in Zimbabwe.

The Lemba Jews of Zimbabwe are working intensely to re-connect with the wider Jewish world and to create synagogues in Mapakomhere and Harare. Modreck Maeresera, is heading the development of the first synagogue and community center for Lemba Jews residing in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. In June, 2013, Modreck, with the assistance of Kulanu, rented a large house in central Harare to be used as a synagogue and guest house. The building and grounds house the synagogue, a cyber and religious education center, library, guest rooms with a kosher kitchen, chicken coops, and community garden. Since opening, the Harare Lemba Synagogue offers Sabbath services on Saturday morning. On average 20 people attend the services with anticipation for substantial growth in the coming years. The synagogue is evolving into a center for families and individuals to stay throughout Shabbat for discussions on the weekly Torah portion, Jewish learning opportunities, and socializing. Its presence has ignited the excitement of Lemba young people throughout the city. – See more at kulanu.org/lemba

Anyone is welcome to join Shabbat evening and daytime services at the Harare Lemba

Moredreck Maresera

263 773390751

Harare Zimbabwe

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