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Peace in Africa

Africa is the continent with the most diversity in ancestral cultures.
This diversity is not the result of chance, but the accumulated harvest
of thousands of years of cultures living side by side. And this diversity is not only felt
in purely human terms, but also in the display of countless living species living alongside with humanity.
We see it as divine providence that the continent which gave birth to humanity, is somehow still the purest in environmental terms.
The ancestral cultures which have survived in Africa, have made sure to leave a legacy of respect for other living species. Everywhere on the African continent there are teachings about how to care for our living neighbors, plants and animals alike.
Humans are constantly reminded through these teachings that they are not the only ones who count in the great book of life. As a matter of fact, this anthropocentric way of thinking is seen by many african cultures as a sure sign of social decay.
Why is Paradise always represented as a place with plants, trees and rivers ?
Is it not because humans can only project themselves as part of the web of life ?
Many african teachings stress the fact that violence among humans is a consequence, and not a primary cause. The consequence of disregarding other species, which creates the ground for the mental imbalance that is expressed through violence.
The Torah passages relating the story of Noah and the flood come to remind us of that.
Among the commands given to Noah and all humanity, is forbidding the consuming of animal blood, meaning the obligation to treat animals with compassion. If this is not done, the consequence is that the blood of the mistreated animal will be "asked" from the one who shed it with distespect. This blood being " asked" only means that the consequence will be, that violence will be visited and triggered among human beings.
If we want to see peace in our lifetime, we have to do the necessary efforts that carry with them the blessing of peace. Among these efforts, the primary ones have to do with treating other life forms with dignity. Only then the blessing will come upon us as a species to be blessed with deserving peace.
The so called civilized world does not seem to lend a serious ear to these simple facts, and the results are plain to see. Unfortunately, many living species who share the planet with us are disappearing at an alarming rate.
The Ethiopian Beta Israel teach that, according to the Book of Enoch, each animal species has a holy angel ministering over it. When humans act with disregard toward that species, they stop being protected by that angel, and become more vulnerable to the negative spirits. Are these teachings to be taken seriously ? Do they contain a wisdom put into simple terms that is worth contemplating ?
We will leave the readers to answer this for themselves.

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