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Barack Obama: The Killings of Christianity and Islam By Laurence Thomas

It is simply impossible for a reasonably intelligent person not to grasp that there is an ever so significant difference between (a) the Crusades of Christianity that took place centuries ago in which Christians harmed and killed non-Christians and (b) the killings that are being committed nowadays in the name of Islam. And that difference is none other than the indisputable moral and biological knowledge that we have nowadays regarding the equality of all human beings. And if the Crusades of Christianity (which took place between 1095 and 1291) were not justified, then it follows all the more that the killings in the name of Islam that are occurring nowadays are not justified.

So when President Barack Obama invokes the Crusades of Christianity as a way of suggesting that, at the very least, we are not entitled to think so poorly of Islam on account of the killings that are taking place in the name of Islam, then he thereby reveals himself to be a morally despicable person.

Indeed, there are countless many other parallels that Obama would not dare to make. For instance, the view that morally decent men have of women nowadays is vastly superior to the view that morally decent men had of women thousands of years ago, nay even a few hundred years ago. Accordingly, it would be just absurd to say that we should not be so harsh in judging a particular man’s horrendous mistreatment of a woman nowadays because, after all, such mistreatment of women was commonplace centuries ago. Any man who made such a statement would reveal himself to be ever so morally callous. Obama never says anything comparable with respect to women.

But with Islam, it somehow turns out that Obama thinks we should at the very least be less harsh in our judgment of the horrific behavior committed in the name of Islam because, after all, Christians did likewise a millennium ago. It does not take a genius to see that Obama’s moral reasoning here is ever so defective. More importantly, short of Obama explicitly saying that he is more committed to Islam than to Christianity, I cannot think of anything that he could have said that would have so fully revealed the depth of his commitment to Islamic ideology.

So is it really surprising that Barack Obama did not fly to France as a show of support for the rally that took place by the French people over the terrorist attack by Muslims that took place at a kosher grocery store in Paris ? Absolutely not ?

Likewise, it is no accident at all that Obama was a member of Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s church for some 20 years—the pastor who said “not God bless America. God damn America”. In effect, Pastor Wright articulated the very conviction that Barack Obama embraces. As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”.

Most white people rushed to support Barack Obama because their doing so seemed to be a marvelous expression of the rejection of racism in America. And to this day many whites are reluctant to engage in even the constructive criticism of blacks because whites wish to avoid the very appearance of racism. Well, let me just point out that Barack Obama is far more committed to Islam than he is to the well-being and flourishing of black Americans. Indeed, other than Obama’s stupid remark that if he had a son, the son would be like Trevon Martin, I cannot think of anything that Obama has done that comes even remotely close to inspiring greater self-actualization on part of blacks. And let me be clear here : I am not claiming that Obama has done this or that in the name of inspiring blacks ; however, I thought he should have done something entirely different. No, I am claiming that he has not done anything at all to inspire blacks. Indeed, it is my considered view that he has merely exploited black Americans.

I not a Muslim. However, in terms of raw percentages, I suspect that I have helped a far greater percentage of Muslim students than the percentage of black people in America Obama has helped.

I have been criticized for calling Barack Obama an evil person. All that I shall say is that only a despicable human being would invoke the Christian crusades (which took place between 1095 and 1291) as a consideration that would warrant an attitude of tolerance towards the killing of innocent people that is being committed nowadays by Muslims in the name of Islam.

© 2015 Laurence Thomas

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