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Professor Rabbi EPHRAIM ISAAC alert.

* Professor Rabbi Ephraim Isaac is one of the first black rabbi, emblematic leader of African Judaism and honorary president of FJN *

To speak on a Jewish question, we need to know. And it’s the same thing to write a book about Judaism.
The Jewish people are not defined by the geographical orientation but by his beliefs and morals civilization. Edith Bruder found that African Judaism is a myth.

The Jewish community of France may make her the emblematic figure of revisionism, traveling over the world to spread the "good news" that blacks want to be Jews for money and prestige, so these would be reduced to a "propaganda lie *

We should warn our fellow black Jews and white against the lack of critical thinking and study texts, which are likely to lead to the theories quite lightweight, thus placing the black Jews in a racial category. Bruder takes up the negative essentialisation African Jewish people as a digestive.

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