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May 2015 be a year of peace, solidarity and rally the sons of Israel

F.J.N. is a organization certified as a non-profit registered under No. W751220196 in Paris
Continuing our struggle for visibility of black Jews, and the economic crisis is being felt more and more,
We need your generosity to help those Jewish families in Africa and in the Paris suburbs.
Your donations will be used to build schools and provide all Jews the opportunity to practice Judaism in good conditions but also help them celebrate Jewish life. This is one of the goals of the FJN to conduct this kind of actions, but without your donations, it is impossible. This is why we rely on you to help these Jewish families to practice Judaism.
You can send your donations to this adress:FJN 9 rue des canettes 75006 PARIS
or by Paypal on our website www.feujn.org
A receipt cerfa will be returned to you from 50 euros. Do not forget to include your contact information completed and your email address.
Thank you.

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