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Hillula of Ribbi Shalom Zawi in Rabat Morocco

Commemoration of the great Moroccan Saint Ribbi Shalom Zawi in Rabat Morocco
The African Jews in Morocco are celebrating. On the 5th day of Hanuka is the commemorative celebration called Hillula, of the great saint Ribbi Shalom Zawi
of Rabat, the capital city of the Kingdom of Morocco.
Many people are gathering at the Hillula, to pray together, and recount the saintly life of Ribbi Shalom Zawi, of blessed memory, in whose merit multitudes of healings took place throughout the generations since his passing in 1812.
Until today people from all over the world light candles in his name, and witness eye opening spiritual awakening and healing.
Ribbi Shalom Zawi was a beloved saint, judge, mystic, and leader of his community. During his lifetime, he performed through his prayers many miraculous interventions, recorded by Jews and Muslims alike, who both treated him with love and reverance.
After his passing, his house served as a spiritual hospital, where people would come to spend the night to be healed. The saint would often appear in dreams to the sick, and they would awaken totally cured.
His memory and legacy are a pride for African Jews everywhere.
May his merit enlighten everyone to walk in the path of peace and
light amen !

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