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Pan-African answer to Har Nof attack

Violence and religion should never mix. Actually, religion is just a pretense when violence is used.
Let us be clear. From a Pan-African point of view, violence using religion as a pretense, always has an economic, very materialitic objective. Violence is just a tool for plunder.
What just happened in the Jerusalem attack on Jewish worshippers, is a very sad reminder of these truths, which were formulated by the great Pan African luminaries H.I.M. Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and King Mohammed V of Morocco.
They taught us that our cultures were under attack for materialistic gains. Judaism and Islam are not at war with each other. Nor are Islam and Christianity. What we are witnessing are only the consquences of materialistic insanity. A few weeks ago in Congo, attacks on villages left scores of victims without eliciting any tangible response from the international community. The reasons for these violent attacks were purely greed driven. Natural resources are being plundered in the Congo region, where private armies are being hired to divert these resources outside the country. Nigeria sees the same tactics used on a much bigger scale, with multi-billion revenues made from oil production. The same goes for many African countries, who have the cursed blessing of being rich in minerals and other prime commodities.
Yet, the narrative going out to the world, when the world seems to care, is that motives can go from the political, to the ethnic, or religious motivations for these barbaric acts. Nothing is further from the obvious reality. The only reason is greed.
The fascist aggression of Mussolini on Ethiopia in the 1930’s had no other motivation but shameless greed. Mussolini had gathered an army of so-called jihadists from Somalia, the Askaris, to fight against Ethiopia with a religious excuse. Using Catholicism as pretense, a Christian dictator was using Islam in a war against a Christian ruled country.
This is the same thinking that triggers the events in the Israeli Palestinian confict.
If the Middle East was not a source of enormous profits from oil, not only would we not hear about all this violence, but a solution would already be in the works.
We salute the efforts of former President of Israel Shimon Peres for the establishment of a religious U.N. in Jerusalem, where religious authorities from all religions could gather to discuss and solve their differences.
It is the only way to lift the veil of ignorance from people’s eyes, and help them see each other’s religious identities with respect and dignity. It can be the opportunity for religious communities to put their best side forward, to become true instruments of Peace. Until such a day comes, they can unfortunately be used as instruments of deceit.
The issue of the Temple Mount is a non-issue. Judaism forbids Jews from going there out of respect for the sacredness of this space, in purely Jewish terms. Islam has interpretations according to which non Muslims can visit the Temple Mount, because that space is not entirely a Mosque. So the narratives we hear are simply lies, from a religious point of view. From an economic point of view however, things are different. Jerusalem is the bread basket of religious tourism in the region. Millions of visitors, Christians, Muslims and Jews, make a pilgrimage to the Holy City for these three faiths.
Creating instabilty, threatening to disrupt that religious tourism, is at the heart of these latest violent moves. Add to this the oil interests of the region and you get the formula being displayed publically.
People praying to God being aggressed by senseless violence is the result of crazy profit driven ideologies. Nigeria has witnessed it recently. Israel is never far behind events happening in Africa. It sould not surprise us. It is the same strategy at work, using Jews and Africans since World War 2.
But let us not be confused. This strategy does not come from Islam. The sometimes reactionary actions carried out by extremist Jewish groups do not come from Judaism. The Crusades, or Missolini and Hitler’s philosophies are not Christianity. They are nothing more than profit and greed driven adventures, whose sole method is to shock their victims into submission. The answer to these confusion techniques starts with awareness. The idea being proposed by Shimon Peres should gain support all over the world.
Then a transformation in perception would take place, and we could see the day when swords are changed into ploughshares, and not the opposite.
Our prayers go with the victims of these unjustifiable acts, and the grieving families.
May Jerusalem be the lighthouse of Peace that its name spells out. No man should raise his hand against his fellow man for her sake. It would be mixing what should never be mixed.
Prayers for Jerusalem from Africa. And from there to the whole world. True Peace : of mind, of heart, of soul.

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