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Jews of France move for african jews

FJN through its President Gershon Nduwa and the coordinator Christine Yaltonsky, warmly thanked the members of the Board of the Synagogue of Montmorency. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Charles Ifrigan, President of the Israelite Community Center of Montmorency, Vice-President Yves El Laïc and Mr. Rabbi Daniel Yelloz, the reception was kind and the crowd was very receptive to the information provided, raising questions very relevant.
FJN share with you the fascinating reflection of a community by its incomparable capacity, a well-structured community.
The warm smile of the members of this community have allowed us to discover with our eyes but with our hearts to feel a community that shares the love of our people in their diversity. The quality of the exchanges in the synagogue with all the faithful have allowed us to see how the integration of African Jews is promising to make our community a mosaic of living together.
The conference ended around a table. FJN is echoing the message of this community to know that the black Jews are welcome in the synagogue of Montmorency for Shabbat and for the celebration of Jewish holidays.
May they all be here just thanks for the encouragement they could give us at this conference

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