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Commemorations of November 13: the silent tribute

Two years ago, to the day, the horror struck France again.
It was a Friday in November, with a beautiful football match at the Stade de France and Parisians celebrating the arrival of the weekend restaurants terraces, in exceptionally mild temperatures. An ordinary Friday night, turned into a nightmare night by three crazy commandos, who wounded 130 soldiers dead and 350 wounded directly. This Monday, November 13, France remembers the dark events that took place two years ago.President Emmanuel Macron, accompanied notably by his predecessor François Hollande, will visit from 9 am at the scene of the attacks, starting with the Stade de France and then the Carillon, Little Cambodia, Good Beer, Comptoir Voltaire, Belle Equipe, and finally Bataclan. Around noon, the Head of State will join the ballooning ceremony, organized by the Victims Association Life for Paris.

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