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Rififi in the Jewish community of Kinshasa.

Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila was born in Meknes, Morocco.
He has been a rabbi in Kinshasa since 1991 and a member of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, via his global network based in Crown Heights, a Brooklyn neighborhood in New York and Chabad Emmissary of Central Africa. At Crown Heights, it’s like in the colonial era, all disruptive elements are automatically sent to Africa. Forgetting the mission for which he was mandated in Africa, Shlomo Bentolila has become a true busnessman. It is given nicknames by the local populations : Lucifer, Al-Capone, Grand Helmsman, The Boss, The Maestro,
Pablo Escobar, Bandit in Kippa. Bizarrely, this guru enjoys (enjoyed) privileges worthy of the highest personalities of the state. What in reality is a "cosmetic" position favorable to the power in place, in order to be clothed with a certain respectability all racism. Supported by many direct testimonies, tells the bottom of these dangerous liaisons for the ideal sefarade. But the romance that is written in public does not escape the small side material, each party caring for the other by juicy referrals of elevators, without regard for the general Jewish interest. And while the Congolese public opinion is rocked by the mirages of "Meknassi", the monarch does not hesitate to repress any opposition to his almost absolute powers. A Jewish Ashkenazi family from Kinshasa returned to live in Israel, has paid the price. He surrounded himself with uncultivated people like Yulu Mbembo Adrienne, former mistress of Mobutu and his fiance Michel Kinua, worshiper of the amulets of Congo. For Shlomo Bentolila, the Jewish religion in Africa is a big business. In addition came the "tax havens" in various more or less exotic places. Today, besides the fact that we hear very little about Sephardi 
Judaism of kinshasa, the Jewish community of Congo is running out of steam, facing total disrepute. Shlomo Bentolila has thus created the inter-se, renewing established practices of structures close to different powers in place, provoked dissension between the rulers and the faithful. Between Judaism and humanism, African Jews will choose Judaism, likewise between Good and Evil, we will choose the Good.

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