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Moroccan MP attacks Israeli MK Amir Peretz

Moroccan MP attacks Israeli MK, former Defense Minister Amir Peretz
Earlier today, a Moroccan MP attacked former Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz at a World Trade Organization assembly in Morocco : “You are a war criminal !”
MK Amir Peretz (Zionist Camp) is currently heading an Israeli delegation at the World Trade Organization Parliamentary
Assembly of the Mediterranean (WTO-PAM) in Morocco. Today (Sunday), an ugly incident occurred when a Moroccan MP attacked Peretz, a former Defense Minister, and called him a war criminal.
Another member of the Israeli delegation defended Peretz : “You are radical Islam, you destroyed Tunisia, Yemen, Libya,
Syria and you want to destroy Morocco. Amir Peretz is Moroccan, his father and mother are Moroccan, he was born here and you have no right to attack him.”
The drama lasted for 15 minutes and the vast majority of those present, including the Palestinian representative, didn’t agree with the behavior. The chairman of the assembly apologized and emphasized that the organization is a place for dialogue for peace and Peretz is a welcome guest.

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