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Economic inequalities in Israel.

Economic inequalities in Israel. Disastrous results according to the OECD.
The Shoresh Foundation has done a study on the level of poverty and economic inequality in Israel.
According to the Gini index of the OECD, Israel is in second place after the United States in terms of inequalities and The leading position in terms of poverty, double the OECD average, mainly due to very low productivity.
The origin of this situation is found in the existence of 2 economic poles, one very performing, that of high-tech and a galloping demographic pole made up of populations with little or no education in the modern economy, the ultra-Orthodox and the Arabs. (Http ://www.nuitdorient.com/n4126.htm)
According to (1) : "The number of people living below the extreme poverty line ($ 1.90 per day per the world has declined by just over one billion in 30 years, from 1.9 billion in 1981 to 800 million, according to the World Bank. This development is all the more positive as, at the same time, the population has grown from 4.5 to 7.2 billion people. As a result, the rate of extreme poverty was divided by 3.9 :
10.7 per cent of the population of developing and emerging countries now lives on less than $ 1.90 a day, compared with 38.9 per cent 30 years ago
Even sub-Saharan Africa - which is said to be condemned to underdevelopment - is following the movement.
The share of the population affected by extreme poverty decreased by 13 points in 23 years (41% in 2013 compared with 54.3% in 1990) despite the demographic boom. However, the number of people continue to increase from 276 million in 1990 to 389 million in 2013 "

Sources : http://www.israelvalley.com

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