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Black Jews and White Jews, to end with the "Khazar" myth

There have been many opinions stating that White Jews are not ’original’ Israelites, but are descendants of Khazars, whose conversion to Judaism started from before the 10th Century AD. This theory was in vogue, following the publishing of Arthur Koestler’s book called "The 13th Tribe", making such allegations. First, we must repeat that Judaism, and race so-called purity, are not only disconnected, but are in fact discourses that run contrary to one another. The term "Children of Israel" applies to any people who have chosen Jusaism as a culture, and practice its values. Secondly, beyond the total irrelevance of race claims regarding Judaism, the Khazar theory was also proven to be false. Thirdly, we live in a world where Emperor Haile Selassie I has already stated to the whole world "...until the color of a man’s skin is of nomore significance than the color of his eyes.."
Now, seeing and hearing over the internet some Africans defending a race oriented discourse concerning the alledged Khazar origin of some part of the Jewish population, is tantamount to back pedalling in ethical advancements made for the entire human family. The destructive effect of such ignorant discourse operates on many levels. The most important aspect of this negative thinking resides in the fact that it kills the seriousness of discourse, and is not viable or respectable by the youth, who will accuse the generation uttering this nonsense of intellectual incompetance, and gratuitious vindictiveness.
Blackness or whiteness of skin, never confered upon anyone any inherent superiority of character. It is too obvious a fact to state that there are evil and ignorant people in any ethnic group, as much as there are decent and gifted people in each ethnicity. King Solomon said : "Better is a good neighbor than a distant brother". Jewish history is ripe with examples of corrupt kings, priests, and traitors to their people, whose ascendance did not save from being judged as doing "evil in the eyes of the Lord", while some non-jews were included in the narrative of Israel as being righteous, and deserving of highest praise. Even if there were some Khazar ancestry among some of our European Jewish brothers, as long as they were decent people, doers of good, they were full heartedly welcome into the Israelite journey. African Judaism, like other African cultures, is not genetic based, on the contrary, it is utterly based on moral excellence, and loving service for humankind.

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