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Israel and ECOWAS, a dubious strategy

For Panafricans, non alignment is a central point of attention. African countries have for too long been the target of invested interests. During the cold war, the African States became the pawns in a schizophrenic game played between the West and the Soviet coalition, which led to the founder States of Morocco and Ethiopia to leave the defunct OUA.
Israel, being an aligned State on the side of the West’s interests in Africa, is causing havoc by insisting on being part of meetings that solely concern African States. Such a fundamental meeting is the one of the coalition of West African States, the ECOWAS. Many African States have populations who are dissatisfied with Israel’s presence in meetings which are aimed to solve issues of cooperation between African nations. These States do not approve of Israel’s stand on the Two States issue between Israel and the Palestinians.
But there is nit only Africans, there are actually many Israelis who are critical of PM Benyamin Netanyahu’s handling of the peace process between Israel and Palestine.
 Our continent is in a healing process, whoever knows that their presence will cause havoc between Africans needs to understand this is a time to keave the African family sort their problems and differences.
Also, for anyone aware of the current climate in the relationship between Africa and the world, the fact will not go unnoticed that these events are happenning when many African countries are asking multi-national companies to revise their one way strategies designed to benefit the West in more than unfair balance.
Many Jews across the world are becoming wary of the sharp turn to the right taken by the current Israeli administration, regarding many issues, ranging from religious tolerance to regional peace. The same administration meddling now in African affairs, and causing the failure of inter african development meetings constitues one more proof of its incapacity to understand, let alone articulate, the language of global peace.

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