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Israel and the protection of minors : historical and anthropological approaches.

1. Historical approach.

The historical approach in the study of Jewish migration would make it possible to on the issue of marriages of minors in Israel. For an interval as long as the 3000 years that separates us historically understand the interaction between the Jewish people and the environments in which it is necessary to live in the first place to take into account geographical parameters such as they conditioned (and still condition) Judaism.
While this one appears very widely in the modern societies like a dynamic thought that joins (and even embodies) democratic ideals, there are signs that, on the contrary, or more expressive, Judaism is, perhaps always and it is "well in spite of itself", it associates sometimes with retrograde ideas and drifts.
On Monday, 28 August, Israeli security forces intervened on time to prevent the religious marriage of a 14-year-old girl in Lod in the center of the country. This is unfortunately not an isolated case, these ancestral practices are obsolete in modern societies.
In Israel, several minors, almost exclusively girls, are married and this with the backing of the rabbis. And in most cases, these marriages are arranged by families who forward religious considerations. These girls see their right to childhood and education stolen, and their prospects for future and evolution hypothecated. Mention is also made of the marriages of minors contracted abroad in order to escape the Israeli law. In Israel, the minimum age for marriage is 18 years.

2. Anthropological approach

The principle of the dignity of the person includes physical integrity. Neither tradition, custom nor religion can justify the fact that minors are not considered rights and may be deprived of their fundamental rights. No doubt because they believe that marriages play a role in community cohesion and the preservation of the identity patrimony, parents can put in place strategies to have their children marry people of the same religion, same origin or even ethnicity. These young girls allow marriage to be imposed by respect of traditions or because they are unable of opposing the volunter of the family or the community.

3. Prevention

As much as possible, we must try to act before the celebration of the marriage.

And when a marriage project is known :
- Alert women’s rights groups on the spot.
- Inform the police, the prosecutor, a friend, a social worker, a teacher, a psychologist, an educator or any other person of trust.

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