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Shanah Tovah 5775

Black Jews wish all of our readers a heartfelt Shanah Tovah. May we be inscribed in the Book of Life for 5775.
When will come the evening of Sept. 24, Rosh Hashanah will be upon us, and as we say Happy New Year, the Jewish people
once again have the opportunity for renewal.
For the past few months, our people has been a repository for our collective worry and alarm :
the divisive summer war between Israel and Hamas, the chaos in Ukraine, the sickening flare-up of anti-Semitic
violence in Europe, the horrifying rise of ISIS.
With a heavy heart, we weighed in on all of it. Now it’s time for good news.
But nothing in the past year roiled the Bay Area Jewish community like the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens
at the hands of Hamas, followed by the murder of a Palestinian teen, and the war in Gaza.
As the sirens sounded and the rockets rained down on Israel day after day, we agonized for our brothers and sisters

May the sound of the shofar serves as both our comfort and our call to action.

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