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Torah refers to unsavory language as "Lashon haRa"

The Path to Peace
In his book of dialogue called "The Genius of Moderation", when the late King Hassan II of Morocco was asked which thing he considered most important in life, he answered : politeness.
He then explained all the topics covered by the effort of addressing other human beings with dignified language, and how it elevates human affairs in all spheres of social relating, whether in the context of politics, or culture in general.
Unfortunately today, there is a conscious attack on such vital ideas, with the notion that "politically correct" speech is tantamount to hypocrisy. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Verbal attacks on individuals or communities are poisonous for everyone, including the ones who utter the demeaning language. In the Book of Psalms, the Bible says : " Who is the man who seeketh life ? Guard your tongue from evil, and your lips from uttering crookedness".
Torah refers to unsavory language as "Lashon haRa", and considers it a transgression of Divine order. Insulting language is a reduction of human awareness, a regression which can cause untold damage. Racist language always precedes racist violence. Actually, any violence is preceded by demeaning language. Why people are afraid when they hear or read antisemitic or racist language, is because they know too well that the consequences of such language result in physical violence. The current fad of attacking "political correctness" expresses the desire to have an easy pass of getting to the stage of violent confrontation.
Especially when grievances are serious, they deserve the most dignified language.
When we read the words of the great luminaries of humanity, as they address the plight of Justice and equal treatment for all peoples of the world, we see that they never digress in insulting language, even against their enemies. On the contrary, by raising the bar of dignified language, they force the other side to elevate the debate, and take in consideration how they are perceived by the public. This is the transformative path to Peace, that includes the possibilty of the greatest victory of all, which is turning who was considered an opponent into a friend and ally.
"Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths Peace"

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