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Western Sahara was always part of Morocco

Whoever is interested in African history should know, and confirm the following facts. Before it was annexed by colonial Spain, Western Sahara was always historically part of the Kingdom of Morocco. It is a blatant lie to claim the contrary. As a matter of fact, even what is considered today as Mauritania, was part of Morocco. It was France, which severed Mauritania from Morocco. Spain took over Western Sahara, which was part of Morocco for centuries. The creation of the ghost entity called Polisario was declared in Spain the same day Morocco took back its historical and territorial legacy. The Algerian Republic, which was a Soviet ally during these days, was interested in having an "independant" Western Sahara, because it saw it for itself as a conveniant opening
to the Atlantic Ocean. For decades now, it was none other than Algeria which used this factitious entity, as an aggressive excuse toward the Moroccan Kingdom. Today, the oldest political prisonners in the world are Moroccans, held captive by Algeria in the camps of Tindouf. When the Organization of African Unity joined the Algerian cause, Morocco left that organization, of which the Kingdom was a founder, because Moroccans felt rightly betrayed, as was Ethiopia, another founder of the OAU, for similar reasons. The cold war had swayed many African countries away from their non-aligned commitment, and too many countries had by
then betrayed their engagement of prioritizing African interests, for the benefit of extra african countries, hell bent on pillaging african ressources, and engaging in political destabilization. But Morocco stood its ground, and never allowed itself to fold under the weight of threats to its national integrity. Now, as a new generation of leaders has emerged on the African stage, denying these truths has
become harder for those who try to put obstacles on the path of clarity. The Kingdom of Morocco has returned to a new African Union, more aware of its mission to the people of the continent. All can see that Morocco is a fair player ; it has provided the areas of Western Sahara with unprecedented development, and granted it an adequate autonomy to run its own affairs successfully, while remaining part of the Moroccan union. An overwhelming majority of Sahrawis are proud to belong to the Kingdom. Many should not only know these facts, but be inspired by the Moroccan model of unity. Morocco is the oldest standing Kingdom, not only in Africa, but also in the whole world. The Bible says : "Go to your elders and
ask them, your ancient ones and they shall tell you".

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