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Lessons from the Book of Enoch

A few weeks ago, we put out an article called "The Book of Enoch, symbol of African Judaism". This article explained that the biblical book of Enoch as represented within the Ethiopian G’ez tradition found in the Beta Israel Orit, or Bible, is historically proven to be authentic. It was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and shows the continuity of the Ethiopian Jewish culture going back to biblical times.
The lessons contained in the Book of Enoch are from a biblical standpoint very important.
Enoch, according to the Bible, lived before the flood, when humanity was a single family. His teaching is therefore addressed to everyone, since it comes from a time before Babel, before humanity was divided into nations.
According to the Bible, in Enoch’s times humanity spoke one language, that is one understanding.
It is only after Babel that nationhood came to exist and became important.
Only after Babel can we have a Hebrew Bible, a Greek Gospel or an Arabic Kur’an, or Sanskrit or Chinese writings, as separate from one another. In Biblical terms, the only universal teaching that transcends nationhood
is found in the Book of Enoch.
What does the Book say ? One of the main teachings that come out of the Book of Enoch, a book that was preserved in Africa, is that many things that we call sciences and technologies which we view as independant from the divine realm, are in fact angelic intellects trying to lead us astray from the divine.
This amazing claim is taken radically in the book of Enoch. The saga of the book speaks of good angels who connect humanity to the awareness of the divine, and negative angels who lead humans astray by teaching them sciences and technologies which seem disconnected from the divine will.
Enoch reads space and time, showing that they only do the will of the
One Creator and Ruler of all things. He is shown the heavenly bodies and how the too must obey the Creator, and he is also shown the future, how the negative angels meet their end after many historical tribulations, many of which have to do with the splits he sees in the future of humanity under the negative angelic influence.
The whole Book of Enoch is a reading of reality from the angelic perspective, where humans are being influenced in all their actions, and where good angels are also represented on earth by righteous human beings.
This angelic perspective spans all human history, and even pictures the history of the entire planet, if not the entire cosmos.
It is of special significance that the universal teaching of this biblical Book was rediscovered in our generation, which is the first generation to witness the emergence of a global world culture, thanks to such trends in communication as the world wide web.
It is also of special significance that the Book of Enoch was preserved and studied within African communities, on the continent which is historically seen as the most ancient on the planet, the original home of the modern human being.
One lesson which could be drawn from this meaningful convergence is that monotheism is not just a belief of what is above, but also a teaching of what needs to be below. It is a humanity which sees itself as family that can have a single origin, and that can trace all things to one source. The angels or intellects leading us to know the common divine origin in all things are also the intellects that keep us united. The ideas relating us to the divine root also relate us to one another. Compassion toward another human being, who may be from a different language expression, brings us closer to the divine, the true root of all things.
Enoch shows that violence is due to the meddling of negative disconnective angelic intellects that blind human sight from the divine origin. The devouring violence between humans is described as the offspring of these angels devouring humans. The result of this upheaval is the great flood of Noah. But only in the last generations does the plot resolve, when the negative intellects are cast away, leaving the human consciousness fully aware of the Creator’s rule over all things.
The lessons of this amazing tradition have been meditated upon for generations by the Ethiopian teachers of the Hebraic Faith. Under the light of these teachings, many other parts of the Hebrew tradition come to light and make sense in a more congruant way, with the totality of the teachings.
Still, much of the language of the Book of Enoch remains covered in questions, and certainly requires a knowledge passed on orally to trustworthy students as was done on African soil for centuries.
The most astonishing element of the Enoch tradition is that Enoch was a human who became a teacher and a preacher for angels and who eventually became one of the highest angels in the Heavens.
So he fulfilled the purpose of human being which is to be the one who intercedes between Creator and Creation, by his knowledge and faith that the same One rules over all.

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