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Fulanis are victims of racism from all sides

Fulanis are one of the oldest cultures in Africa. They are referred to in the Bible, as Pelonis, some of whom fought alongside King David, and were already mentioned in Egypt’s ancient civilization. Their pastoral ways are known to all in Africa, as their dwellings and travel routes extend from Ethiopia to Senegal.
Their contributions to Africa’s liberation from the slave trade, are obvious enough for anyone willing to study Usman Dan Fodio’s war, against the empires who collaborated with the slave merchants. The triumphant return of the Brazilian Maale’s (Maalems) to Sokoto, where they created a republic is, like the Haitian revolt, one of the important African narratives hidden from plain sight, by the Eurocentrist historians on the topic of Black emancipation.
Today, Fulanis are being maligned in much of the press, and persecuted, as is the case in the State of Borno, where the Fulani victims of Boko Haram are counted in the thousands of deaths, and the displaced and victims of organized famine, in the millions. Recently, thousands of Fulanis fleeing persecution had to relocate in refugee camps in Cameroon. People know that Fulanis carry their money and valuables on them, having for most no bank accounts or safes where to deposit their valuables. This makes them on one side easy targets from bandits, who could be themselves Fulani miscreants, mixed with other bandits, and on the other hand, it forces them in a position of self defence, and having to carry arms for the protection of their families lives and their cattle. Fulanis are endangered in almost all Sahel countries. The malicious campaign against them has now equated the term "Fulani Herdsmen" with savagery and terrorism, when they are in fact the primary victims of terror all over the Sahel. There seems to be a willing instrumentalization to make Fulanis bare the blame of past and present wrongs, which really only benefit a handful of money hungry individuals.
Being a nomadic society, Fulanis are not well represented, eventhough some people of Fulani origin are occupying high positions of government, in a few Sahel countries.
Sadly, whenever there is high profit being made on keeping silent, we cannot expect those making these profits to inform the world on the injustices visited upon their bredrin.
Non violence is the winning card in Africa, as we have seen in the case of the late Nelson Mandela, who won over the apartheid regime of South Africa, by deliberately and successfully using non violence. Violence is manipulated. It is easy for people who control the press to turn people on each other by using inflamatory speech to cause the barbaric and primitive reflex of vengeance.
It is enough to read commentaries on such articles to see how easily people are drawn into hate speech.
Serious causes call for peaceful and deep reflexion, and focus on the solutions, rather than fanning the flames of division.
Let us remember the teachings of Unity and Peace promited by our guides and leaders, such as their Majesties Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and King Mohammed V of Morocco. They lead by uniting Africans beyond their differences, whether ethnic or religious. Their wish was for a peaceful and prosperous Africa, respectful of all her cultures, both modern and ancestral. We cannot see the end of our struggle as a continent if we forget their teachings. They are the ones God chose to teach humanity, and usher an era of global awareness of peace and justice. Before they came on the world stage, countries, religions and etnic groups were still under a cloud of ignorance of each other’s right for respect. By freeing Africa from the chains of colonialism, they started freeing the entire human family from the illusion of superior and inferior "races".
What is left now, after their heroic start, is to finish dispelling the last shadows from the human hearts, of these unfortunate segregation myths, such as the one our Fulani brothers have become victim. We add our prayers to all those who feel rightly concerned, and wish that all Africans feel as one family, with one Love and one Heart.

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