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Charlottesville and the racism virus.

The United States of America has been the theater of an epidemic
of racism once again when, earlier this month, the whole world was witness to an open display of violent bigotry in Charlottesville Virginia. The reopening of wounds left from slavery times shocked the planet, even causing the seat of the U.S. President to shake amidst criticism upon his remarks that "there were good people on both sides" of the poisoned american debate over race.
The problem for us, Africans watching the first world superpower in the throngs of a retrograde debate over ethnic origins, is to see the reaction of black descendants of africans
mimick the white supremacist american discourse, only played in reverse.
Our thoughts went to our disfavored and disaffranchised brothers and sisters, who are still held hostage in America, nearly a hundred years after the Honorable Marcus Garvey appealed for the right of return of black americans to Africa.
Our thoughts went to them who are still mentally held in shackles by false narratives about Africa, more than half a century after His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I told these same descendants of Africans that they have a home on the African continent.
Instead, American blacks are having their minds daily infused with either useless sports and music entertainment meant to keep them at the bottom of the social ladder, or being pushed to imitate KKK sounding discourses on race by fringe movement like the so called Hebrew Israelites, some of which (not all) hold an openly anti african racist discourse.
The racist virus in America is infecting everyone. From Brazil to New York, the victims of this idiocy causing virus has made millions of individuals fall back into Middle Ages level of intellect. We Africans need to watch carefully and learn about the dangers of tribalism.
As Europe and America are speeding back to tribal racist mentality, we need urgently to foster unity amongs all africans, to be spared the societal defeat of war mongering and useless bloodshed. This is a time when Love is not only a dream, but a basic necessity to survive.

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