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Judaism is a culture. It is a teaching based on traditions, both written, and oral. It is certainly not a race based
philosophy. That much is known well enough, to avoid for most people the trap of any race based discourse.
The people pushing the race purity agenda are either ignorant, or downright idiots.
Humans are not horses or dogs to be categorized along racial lines.
The list of famous converts to Judaism is so extensive that one does not need to be an expert to sustain this simple fact. From the Bible we know this to be true. Even Hebrew monarchy prided itself to be rooted in Ruth, the famous convert who has a Book of the Bible all to herself. And there are of course the great luminaries Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Akiba, who were the cornerstones of Jewish Law, who came from converts and were accepted by Jews as their teachers, regardless of race. The Book of Esther says explicitely that "many of the nations became Jews, for the Fear of the Jews (i.e. faith in God) had fallen upon them."
If we can take one relevant lesson from DNA analysis, it is that all humans are mixed, and that there is no such thing as "racial purity."
It is disheartening to see that people look for the confirmation of "authentic Jewish ancestry" in DNA analysis. First what are the markers the researchers use to compare the results, as was done in the case if Ethiopian Jews, where their "authenticity" was put in doubt because Ethiopian Jews showed similar ancestry with other Ethiopians ? Instead of saying that all Ethiopians are of Israelite origin (which is the case), the European researchers preferred saying that Ethiopian Jews are not "authentic" eventhough Judaism was practiced in Ethiopia long before Europe.
Judaism is a culture, a faith, an ethic, a code of behavior. Anyone who practices it, is in fact, a Jew. According to this culture, if one’s mother is part of that community, her children are automatically included in her group’s identity.
We must reject in the strongest terms any attempt to racialize Judaism. We cannot be reduced to the gaze of Jew haters, who think that Jews are a race, because it would be injecting abject ignorance and inhumane thinking in our midst.

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