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The sick are no heroes

No soldier, anywhere in the world, should be encouraged to take the law into his own hands.
FJN also includes members who view the Azaria trial with different perspectives than some who say that he committed no wrong.
Therefore it is important to include these views. Black Jews have differing opinions, many of us feel that coldly executing a wounded man should not be tolerated anywhere in the world, even if this man is deemed ennemy combattant.
Encouraging racism against Palestinians should never be tolerated, and promoting hard right wing discourses which give a distorted politicized aggressive image of Judaism can only invite similar retaliations. Besides, there are many Torah observant Jews who already feel that promoting war culture is entirely going against Jewish Law. Torah fosters peace. Our sages from the Talmud (see Ketubot 110, 111) legislated against fostering a war culture altogether. The Jewish people owes its survival in the midst of persecution, not due to being armed and organized as an army, but by transmitting non violent values through many generations. Many of us feel that Judaism risks losing many adherants in the world if violence becomes normalized within its ranks. Jews are book people, lovers of peace and justice. Azaria is not to be treated as a hero, but another psychological sad case of violence in an environment in need of healing.

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