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New Habonim and WZO Shaliach: Danny Adeno Abebe

Hailing from Israel, Danny and his family have made the move to Johannesburg this month. Danny (AKA Adeno), is the Shaliach serving as an Education Adviser to the Habonim Dror Youth Movement, as well as a consultant to professional staff and related Jewish and Israel organisations, representing WZO in Johannesburg.
Abebe considers himself a “New Generation Israeli”, who has been living in Israel for the last 35 years with his family… and he has a fascinating journey of how they got there.
He was born in Ethiopia, in what his family believe was 1973. To this day, his birthdate is unknown (like many others in his village). His ID states:1973.00.00, so sadly he hasn’t got a confirmed date of birth. (On a positive note, Abebe does welcome birthday wishes and gifts on any day of the year !)
His family, along with the rest of their small Jewish village, were suffering under terrible conditions, purely because they were Jewish. So together they made the treacherous journey to Sudan (over 800km by foot), where they spent a year in a refugee camp. In 1984, Danny’s family with the rest of the village, were airlifted in a cargo plane from Sudan to Israel in Operation Moses. This is where they became New Generation Israeli’s, beginning their life changing journey. (Watch this space for more about his journey)
Fast forward, and Danny has built an incredible CV. He has vast experience in journalism within the Government and Media Sectors. He specialized in social issues, Aliyah, and Jewish communities in Israel and abroad.
Abebe has an extensive track record in educational and social involvement as a Youth Instructor. His hands-on approach is admirable and his pro-active attitude in educational and youth empowerment projects, is awe-inspiring. His aim is to create high social and community awareness and commitment, through performance in dynamic and multi-cultural environments. Abebe strives to bring people together, and instil values of tolerance, social commitments, personal excellence, persistence and dedication. All encompassed by forming excellent relationships with all stakeholders.
In a nut shell, Danny is goal oriented, a leader and a phenomenal team player. And in his words “As a Jew, I am here to support the Jewish community, representing Habonim and WZO.” 
You can follow Danny and his family’s journey, as they integrate themselves into the Jewish Community in South Africa. BLOG : https://adenoabebe.wixsite.com/blog

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