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The late Rabbi of Lubavitch and the 7 Laws of Noah.

Money, Religion, and Africa : the poisonned mixture.
Decades ago, the late Rabbi of Lubavitch launched a global campaign to remind the world community of one of the foundational cornerstones of human morality, based on the 7 Noahide Laws. One of these Laws concern the command forbidding theft, another one to establish Justice. Also, Jews are forbidden to cause gentiles to break any of these laws. Orthodox Jews should be familiar with these Laws, so they don’t cause the situation where these laws would be transgressed on their account. Unfortunately, in some countries in Africa, theft of natural resources is the norm, not the exception. In the republic of Congo alone, on account of this high handed practice, millions have died to satisfy the plunder of "blood diamonds" and Coltan, among other precious minerals. What is shocking, to say the least, is to see religious representatives unashamed to take part in the looting of this country’s resources, associating themselves with shady government bodies, accused of abuse by human rights organizations. As african Jews concerned by the welfare of all citizens of these countries, we cannot remain silent, especially when some of the people openly taking part in these plunders come as "rabbis". Firstly because their practice desacrate the Torah’s values and morals in the eyes of Gentiles and Jews alike, secondly because these practices are diametrically opposed to the mission of the people of Israel as "Light unto the Nations",embodied in the 7 Laws of Noah. It is the mission of every Jewish organization, whether Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform to strongly oppose and condemn such practices. We denounce any such practice, coming from any religious background, Christian, Jewish or Moslem which goes contrary to the moral principles of respect for life, justice, and the rightful property of others. Africa is not a playground for thieves. Religion should not be used to mask blatant theft. Judaism is not to be toyed with, at the risk of causing unnecessary backlashes, when there are real authentic representatives of its moral high grounds. People everywhere deeply need the moral standards set by Torah for all humanity. They are the medicine for many of their ailments. Fake doctors, who come dressed as healers but are only there to enrich themselves, do damage to the whole medical community, and more so to the ones in need of healing. Rabbis who set up shop to fill their pockets, make our work difficult by forcing us to explain their irrationality, and their disrespect for what they themselves preach. We pray they repent, and leave the teaching of Judaism to the ones who honor the beauty and humanity of its teachings. The 7 Laws of Noah demand it from all of us.

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