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The Black Jews Federation (FJN) is for empowering african unity, and stands firmly against any attempt to fragment the Republic of Nigeria, or any other state of the African Union, along ethnic lines.
We believe that ethnic division is a danger, which could only benefit those who do not wish to see our African continent succeed in its rightful path to prosperity, and to security, for all its populations.
Nigerian Jews, just like members of other communities, must be mindful of this essential principle.
As Nigeria is freeing itself from the shackles of corruption, and finally seeing the possibility of a prosperous future for all its citizens, shadows of a divided past are trying to blur this positive image by invoking isolationism and divisiveness.
The Black Jews Federation joins in prayer to Almighty God with our Fulani, Hausa,
Yoruba and Igbo brothers and sisters of all faiths, to help one and all resist the false temptation of separation and misplaced ethnicization.
Each culture is a precious component in the beautiful mosaique of Africa. Each spirituality is a priceless heritage which must be honored and preserved, and which cannot be turned into a political tool of short term individual gains and narcisistic power plays.
We pray for peace in Nigeria, a country for equality between all its ethnicities, where all are free of movement and free to settle among their countrymen, regardless of religious or ethnic background.
Let us not recall the ghosts of the past, when colonizers could provoke fabricated tribal wars amongst african brothers and sisters. We are capable of rising above these scare tactics.
The Black Jews Federation therefore calls upon all its members and friends, wherever they may be, to stand strong in their belief in the power of unity among all africans, and not give any credence to agitation for isolationism of any kind. Let us remember what our sages and elders always taught us, that the greatest command in
the Torah is loving one’s neighbor as oneself. Our greatest pride is to be a shining example of peaceful existence with everyone around us. God bless Nigeria !

"For the sake of my brothers and friends, i shall speak peace unto you".

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