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Violence: The original sin

When one reads about violence in African cities as a daily regimen, in newspapers, and over the Internet, one is left to wonder how did things get to that point ?
Who is behind this level of barbarity, making parents uncertain about their children’s future, while they are witness to this tragedy growing all around them ?
Countries who cannot garanty their citizens safety, must admit that this more than basic failure, sheds a serious doubt about their capacity to administer to the needs of people who entrusted them with a position of leadership.
Poverty is understandable. Underdevelopment, miseducation, medical and psychological unavailability, and other environmental conditions, all contribute to the plague of poverty.
But violence, the sin which brings a brother to agress and violate his own brother or sister’s right to life, has no such explanation.
The Bible puts the roots of Cain’s murderous behavior as a consequence of the fallen state of man, when Adam and Eve listened to the evil advice of the Serpent, suggesting that man could be " like God, knowing Good and evil".
Cain was under the power of that curse, when he killed his own brother.
The Bible teaches us that violence is rooted in an ego out of control, which makes a man think he, "like God", has the right to life and death over another human being.
This psychotic pathology when unchecked can evolve into a mental epidemic, and make victims in the millions of souls.
Whoever believes in the prophetic message of the Bible, or the Kur’an, or the many spiritual ancestral traditions, must stand against violence and vigorously condemn any of its forms.
African leaders must address this priority before any other, to be credible to their constituency.
Educators, preachers, rabbis, immams, spiritual leaders, will also need to be part of the effort to curb this baffling barbarity falling upon African cities, or share the blame for failing to eradicate this evil from the hearts and minds of their flock.
Because as the situation gets worse, the population will become increasingly cynical and incredulous toward their educators, and this will only add oil to the fire of insecurity.
People cannot be asked to say that a country is beautiful, cannot be proud of lands where they see violence spreading to an unbearable level.
We feel shame about great nations, with amazing human and natural resources, who are not able to provide their citizens or guests with this most basic need for physical safety. On a daily basis, we read about deaths by random brutal agression, rapes, kidnappings, topics which cannot be shoved under the carpet, making all the other subjects look like make up quickly painted to hide hideousness.
Africans deserve a decent life. They are the children of the Most High. Their Father will not forgive those who can and must protect them from this unjustified fratricide bloodletting. Whether done for religious, political, bullyish or thievery excuses, violence makes a mockery of its place of practice, and can never be acceptable until it is found nomore.

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