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Stars Not Above

Billie Holiday ,Sarah Vauhgan, Ella Fiztgerald, Nina Simone, Myriam Makeba and other black divas sang many anti racist protest songs. Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley were all famous champions of the cause.
They had a natural sense of african dignity. They weren’t like the sadly too common picture of the mega rich spoiled media elite that flaunt their jewels and exhibit their bodies to the delight of hypnotised idiots or racist apologists who are too happy to see blacks reduced to circus commodities.
Even when today’s american rich black divas take up issues nowadays it is only to make a buzz, never a real contribution.
The public in its vast majority is fully aware of this behavior and feels embarrassement, a shame, these people do not seem to have.
How and why do descendants of proud and free africans fall into these neurotic traps that cause damage to themselves and their followers ?
Besides being targets of unrelenting attacks by the money obsessed system in which they live, we cannot forget that they were raised in a context of protestant evangelical values, which at its core promises earthly rewards of wealth in this world.
In other words deep down they were taught to feel that being rich, even insanely rich, is a blessing in this life. If you’re poor, ill, fragile, its Satan’s curse.
So the self defeating, self hating poison is already there if you happen to have a life of struggle. You need to be saved. Whereas Martin Luther King’s
generation were intelligent enough to understand that even theologically, the struggle for economic justice was a focal point to be constantly repeated to a people in danger of losing hope in its own destiny. But today’s artistic elite of twitters and body exhibition do not have these kinds of compasses, yet they take the risk of opening their mouths to utter platitudes to add a shade of good looking compassion to the rest of their make up.
Many people in Africa feel deeply offended by these behaviors coming mainly from America because they impact some mentalities on the continent by creating and promoting emules of the same heartless and brainless behaviors. Our daughters do not need this mind pollution and our sons do not need to envy this fake superficiality. Its only money and make up and photo shop. The rest is economic take over.
Someone needs to tell these booty shaking ladies that nobody believes them. They have lost all credit to tell us anything that claims to have depth. They cannot be white people’s sex gofers and claim to care for violence done on black youths. They are part of the violence. Before being unjustly shot by some rogue police, the black youth was already agressed in his dignity by these stars who show black bodies up for sale in the most reductive materialistic fashion. The worst insult to our struggling youth is when these people pretend to care for them.
Their life choices are enough to show they only care for themselves. As Bob Marley said
about these people whose whole life evolves around fame and money : "Think you’re in Heaven, but you’re living in Hell."

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