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Dear Christine Yaslonsky z "l

How can you reconcile the joy of living, which you so courageously incarnate, and the pain of losing you ?
How can we combine the strength of the indomitable spirit, the resistance to all the obstacles of life, the fragility of the human condition, and the laws of fatal diseases ?
How can you tell yourself, describe yourself, to those who will never, like us, have the chance to have known you ?
Daughter of a family of resistance fighters, of a father who was part of the Normandy landing, of a group of French Jews who fought against the fascists for a free and emancipated France, you lived your last days anxious by the Resurgence of speeches that tried to rehabilitate Petain.
You fought for human dignity by blessing the Federation of Black Jews with your presence. You insisted on defending a cause that was not in fashion, when you contributed your experience to an association that had to fight against the prejudices in order to survive. In joining the FJN, you wanted the Jewish community never to lose its role as a moral example by practicing self-criticism, at the risk of being perceived as flattering by those who are too eager to throw under the Carpet all the annoying problems. Daughter of survivors of the Shoah, you loved the African continent, where some of your Algerian ancestors came from.
You were among those who do not compromise with racism.
Your friends of the FJN will never forget the rampart you were against all the unjust attacks on them. When we see the results of African communities in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and many other African countries that want to say their belonging to their ancestral Jewish culture, we can measure the impact of your convictions and of your hope unyielding. History will retain your name, a name composed of multiple destiny, daughter of France, Eastern Europe, and Algeria.
You were at the center of the commemoration for Ilan Halimi z "l, without political recovery, and for André Chouraqui the great Jewish humanist of Algeria.
You have given your time even in the midst of the sufferings of your sickness to the cause of human dignity. Your children, your family, your friends, will always bear witness to the light of joy that will enlighten us all and that we will always lack. You loved music and you wanted it to have a place in your offspring. Your love for humanity, for women’s equality, and for the dignity of all is a true legacy that has already borne fruit.
Angie you were already our angel. Now that you have wings, show us how to overcome the pain and misunderstanding,
How to join devotion to grace, love to humor, joy to empathy, intelligence to humility, how we make a bunch of human qualities from what we see as a trampled field By indifference, cynicism, and surrounding disbelief ?
You never stopped believing in humanity, even when events shocked us by the coldness of their cruelty.
You overcame all these contradictions by your natural joy, which convinced us that illness is secondary, that the mind triumphs over the body, that the light of a mind like yours can never be extinguished.
Christine Angie we are not worried because we are confident that the Good triumphs over evil, that the joy of love triumphs over suffering. Bless us pray for your children your family and your friends who perpetuate your message on the land of the living.

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