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A great lady has gone away, Christine Yaltonsky


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>A great lady has gone away. Christine Yaltonsky died on Thursday night. "Angy", as she liked to be called, marked the history of the FJN. Back line manual
It is with deep sadness that we announce that the coordinator of the FJN, Christine Yaltonsky has surrendered the soul. Sick for several years, Christine Yaltonsky (known as Angélique Dahan), treasurer and international coordinator of the FJN, died this Thursday after a long illness. Since the announcement of his death, we all collapsed within the association. This Jew, convinced by her identity, could not bear the least injustice.
The FJN welcomes a "right woman, Woman of heart, reason and action, she has served in the FJN without ever compromising her ideas or her principles, namely the fight against racism in the Jewish community. "
She was an exceptional woman, turned towards others and always trying to please. She was a woman, a mother and a friend. "She was also a shadow in many Jewish organizations in France as the coordinator of the Federation of Black Jews and organized the memories of Ilan Halimi zal .. She was the architect of the Andre Chouraqui zal Prize and she worked for the FJN to be admitted to the CRIF.
The FJN loses an unusual woman who, beyond personal success, has always maintained extreme kindness and legendary simplicity. "May the Lord console us, as well as all the bereaved of Zion and Jerusalem"

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