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The Magic Curse.

If you believe in magic, someone must have cursed you. 
If you run to people who propose destroying your humanity and spirituality, for the price of desperately hanging to power illusions, someone must have cursed you.
If you cannot see yourself turning back to childhood, when you defer your critical thinking to some person wearing shiny hats, uttering and doing nonsense, you must have been cursed. 
Being hit by the thought of going to the magician den is already a sign of the curse.
We are not speaking here only about so called "African Magic". This also includes all kinds of wishful thinking practices that claim religious legitimacy, like some forms of evangelic Christianity, and other practices focused on drama and magic belief.
Who is cursing africans with the belief in such idiocy ?
Who wants the population to read articles, in the main media outlets, that talk about people changing to animals, or vice versa, or about cultist criminals who kidnap, kill and rape unsuspecting population for the commerce of stupid and naive belief ?
Who wants the african public to have this image in the eyes of the world, and worse, in their own eyes ? This is the result of being cursed.
An evil eye, the eye of greed, who seeks to dehumanize africans, is behind the push of feeding our people with these disgusting, degrading, insulting, infantilizing images of ourselves. It is part of psychological warfare. So when africans need governance, education, medical attention
protection, basic livelihood for their families, they are sent to the spiritual thieves, to the ones whose profession is to lie to them.
This agenda seems to be pushed to the extreme, because there is hardly a day without news about some claim of irrationnal phenomena to which the public is called to pay attention.
Someone is cursing africans everyday, wishing to keep them in infancy, with the belief in fairy tales, and useless magic power myths. 
This someone seems to think that it is best to keep africans far from science, far from universities, far from access to real medecine, and most of all, as far as possible from critical thinking.
The only antidote for the curse of belief in magic, is to realize the scope of its devastation.
To realize how this belief turns adults into very dependant children, making them vulnerable to believe anything from anyone, making entire communities the object of manipulations that can easily turn crowds hysterical or even murderously violent.
It is the duty of parents, educators, and governments, to help the public gain maturity and awareness, to eradicate the plague of ignorance from their midst. A public left to the hands of the myth predators is unsafe for itself, and even for those who rule them.

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