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Vayikra (Leviticus 1:1–5:26)

Shabbat Parsha Vayikra :
Abuja : 18:22-19:11, Lagos : 18:37-19:26, Ebonyi : 18:19-19:07, Rivers : 18:23-19:12, Enugu : 18:21-19:10, Abia : 18:21-19:09
Delta : 18:27-19:16, Anambra : 18:23-19:12, Imo : 18:22-19:11
Johannesburg : 17:49-18:40, Harare : 17:40-18:29, Yaoundé : 18:04-18:53, Antananarivo : 17:33-18:23, Accra : 17:52-18:40

G‑d calls to Moses from the Tent of Meeting, and communicates to him the laws of the korbanot, the animal and meal offerings brought in the Sanctuary. These include :
• The “ascending offering” (olah) that is wholly raised to G‑d by the fire atop the altar ;
• Five varieties of “meal offering” (minchah) prepared with fine flour, olive oil and frankincense ;
• The “peace offering” (shelamim), whose meat was eaten by the one bringing the offering, after parts are burned on the altar and parts are given to the kohanim (priests) ;
• The different types of “sin offering” (chatat) brought to atone for transgressions committed erroneously by the high priest, the entire community, the king or the ordinary Jew ;
• The “guilt offering” (asham) brought by one who has misappropriated property of the Sanctuary, who is in doubt as to whether he transgressed a divine prohibition, or who has committed a “betrayal against G‑d” by swearing falsely to defraud a fellow man.

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