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The extraordinary destiny of Daniel Limor

The extraordinary fate of Daniel Limor, the discreet hero of Operation Moses in 1984 and Salomon in May 1991
There are men for whom the words duty and responsibility are not in vain. It is to one of them that here we pay tribute through a brief evocation of his life. A great Zionist and a great personality
Damiel Limor, whose family has settled in Israel, spends part of his life in Africa, sailing between Ethiopia, Nigeria and Southern Africa. He is a former officer of the known and recognized Israeli army.
Pionner of the FJN who is at the forefront of the operation of recognition of African Jews, he did not wait for the rabbis’ opinion to become aware of making visible the African Jews. An excellent connoisseur of the subject, passionate about Jewish history, he became a defender of the African Judaism of the first hour. As early as the 1980s, he is spontaneously, naturally fervent and his commitment is total.
Noting the overwhelming challenge of Jewish multiculturalism that can be achieved with the help of exceptional men : the first among them is the African Jews themselves. From Nigeria to South Africa, he never ceases to come to the rescue, to teach the Torah, to make Jewish pedagogy in his strong voice and with stainless determination.
Such a life defies verisimilitude. An officer imbued with the strictest Jewish tradition, he chose to save the honor of Judaism

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